Deposit Wall

The Deposit Wall storage system comprises a self-sustaining structure, which does not require any kind of mechanical connection to the floor, the ceiling or the lateral walls, at the same time compensating for unleveled floors or ceilings to a maximum of 3 cm. It is made of 2 cm-thick chipboard panels, with an ABS edge of 2 mm, a density of 680 Kg/mc and finished in unicolor melamine, wood impression melamine or veneer. The metallic shelves are painted in Ral 9006 or are made of 3 cm-thick chipboard, finished in unicolor melamine, wood impression melamine or veneer, with an adjustable height of 3 cm. The modules allow for multiple ways to access the storage volume: through full-height chipboard doors with an included locking system, though doors up to a certain height, continuing with shelves and over light glass doors or drawers.

The Deposit Wall storage system is 47 cm-thick and between 250 and 300 cm in height. The back of the cabinet can be plated with chipboard from the same registry as the wall, either horizontally or vertically. The walls can be double (back to back, with doors on both sides and a thickness of 95 cm for the entire system) or can be set up on one row alone – with all the doors on the same side or with alternative opening directions for the doors