Warranty and post-warranty

All products we supply, as well as the services we provide, are subject to warrantyand post-warranty for between 3 and 7 years.


When requested, we also provide relocation services to clients who demand it.

Complementary services

  • On demand we provide complete solutions for the completion of electricHVAC or sanitary installations, going through the entire project, from technical design to execution.
  • At the same time, we represent some of the best-known producers of construction materials and finishings and, when requested, we supply our partners with the best solution.

Architecture and interior design services

A team of architects is the heart and soul of every innovative design solution we propose for the spaces we customize.

Project management

Our project management team is the liaison between our prestigious partners and the clients who appeal to our experience in matters of office fit-out and interior decorations.

3D Rendering

We propose complex visual, chromaticallyvaried compositions, to best expressivelysuggest the transposition of our ideas into reality.

Technical design

Our engineers make sure the most intricate technical solutions, the practical side and the functionality of the aesthetic blend perfectly with the ambient solutions proposed by the design team.


Our expert colleagues provide professional advice so that you can chose the optimum solution for cost efficiency, durability and the final image, at the highest qualitystandards. Together, we chose the materials, the technical solutions and the design ambient to bring your vision to life.