2 VISION® modular system

The 2 VISION® partition system – an Omifa trademark – is made of double glass removable modular partitions. The unitary image of the system comes from the total absence of vertical uprights. The high phonetic isolation degree recommends the 2 VISION® system for crowded office spaces. Swing and sliding doors can be mounted on the 2 VISION® system, with a wide range of metallic accessories, from hinges and locking systems to door handles and shock absorbers.

2 VISION® is a partition system with the profiling made of anodized aluminum or painted electrostatically, without going over 35 mm in its visible side. For the noisiest spaces, this profiling is provided with an inner chamber that can lodge eco-friendly high-density polyurethane foam, with a high soundproofing degree. The double glass modules can vary in thickness between 8 and 12 mm, depending on the space’s acoustic needs.