Diamond Wall

Designed to separate office space through clearness and solidity solutions, the Diamond Wall planning philosophy allows the highest integration between architectural elements and practical and ergonomic requirements.

Real beauty impact of a glass reflection enhances the whole environment, thus creating perfect harmony between space, furniture and natural light. The strong presence of glass heightens natural light in open spaces, spreading it even throughout inner workstations.

Diamond Wall partitions can be complemented by panels of different finishes and are in addition equipped to facilitate shelves and hanging cabinets

The stability of all partitions is ensured by the upper frame. This can be integrated within the cavity above the ceiling or connected to the ceiling.

Diamond Wall doors have been designed in full-height to ensure continuity with the glass panels, thus guaranteeing the consistency of the entire office environment. The access can be sliding, or through one or two hinged doors, manually or electronically controlled. All these different opening systems have been designed solely for the Diamond Wall program.

The soundproofing power of each element gives every occupant the requested privacy. Polarized glass is technically innovatory and is able to allow both an opaque or transparent effect, which enhances the different ways light is reflected by glass.

Installation is practical and quick and is made possible through an innovative system of levels and adjustment techniques.

The modern space planning technologies use innovative materials, whose technical and aesthetic features 
can be adapted both to modern and classical furniture.

The Diamond Wall system and all its complements are tested in compliance with safety
 measures of international laws.