Tecton Wall

The self-sustaining system of Tecton partitions and storage wall is the result of a magnificent design effort by Omifa to create a pleasant, comfortable and secure working environment.

Among its most important characteristics there are: the capacity to use glass with a strong aesthetic impact, therefore creating elegant results, and the ability of each component to adjust in position, according to the different requirements of space and ergonomics.

The Tecton partition is composed of solid and glazed modular elements – both of horizontal or vertical sorts – complemented by storage wall using sliding or hinged doors.

Avant guarde technical solutions, which are used solely within the office furniture area, allow the achievement of requested dimensions both in height and length, thus ensuring short installation times. Moreover, thanks to the strong sound proofing power of panels and doors, every workstation has its own highly secure privacy standard.

The hooking system of panels to the controlled clamping structure gives the whole partition a monolithic strength.

An exclusive and important feature of Tecton system is the innovative hooking system. This fastens panels from floor to ceiling, operating only on a single screw placed on the upright. The partition allows modifications of panels, windows or doors arrangement without the manufacturer’s intervention.

Every modular element is composed of: the structure, peripheral profiles, solid or glazed panels. Panels can be manufactured in melamine, wood or metal finish, upholstered by fabric or any other requested material.

Clarity and opaqueness could be alternated in order to achieve aesthetic, acoustic and functional stated requirements. Windows get natural light from outside, which covers all environments, thus offering natural light and harmony to the whole workplace.

Modularity and rational use of space is the secret of this innovative program.